“The Board of Directors and I would like to welcome you the Alabama Gang Investigators Association (AGIA) and our brand-new website. AGIA was established in 2010 by a group of law enforcement officers who shared the same passion on suppressing, understanding and preventing gang issues that plague our communities. Today, AGIA has become an active association in providing elite training to the LEO and Criminal Justice Community as well as acting as a state-wide networking and intel resource for its members. The AGIA Board of Directors are elected by the membership and serves voluntarily to further our mission to provide training, education and updated gang information across the state in an attempt to fight ever-growing negative issues that gangs bring to our communities. This board works tirelessly to bring updated information to its members while continuing to develop and help implement the gang legislation that Alabama needs. As we continue to grow, I look forward to our future and the relationships that are forged by this association.”
                Be safe and continue to have the courage to engage,
         President Dan Sudd



Be a part of an association dedicated to preventing and suppressing gangs and gang activity as well an agency who provides elite training and networking. 




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